Office Hours:

If you need to stop by the office we are currently meeting by appointment only.  Please contact our secretary Bonnie Knight at secretary@yumagop.com 

Thank you


Executive Committee Members:

Today, top health officials in the President’s Administration directed Americans to take greater precautions in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. In this ever-evolving climate, the Republican Party of Arizona is dedicated to the safety of its membership and the success of Republicans in the 2020 election cycle.

To balance the demands of the best advice put forward by the Administration and the importance of our mission, our Party’s operations will be focusing on the use of technological solutions to ensure the continuity of our operations. This means any meetings we schedule between now and April 6, 2020, will be held via telephone and/or video conferencing solutions. Those functions that are not conducive to being held via such mediums will be postponed until that date, upon which we will reassess the situation using the best information available.

While the Republican Party of Arizona maintains that the fate of County, LD, and Republican club events planned around the state rests with their respective organizers, we do encourage our membership to continue to closely monitor the latest facts and advice surrounding COVID-19 and balance those with the demands of the 2020 cycle and the realities in our respective areas.

As you know, the completion of the work of our caucuses is critical to the success of our Party and President Trump. To ensure that we all complete our vital work, we ask that those who have yet to hold their caucuses work closely with the State Party to keep that work on track.

Of course, we will not allow any challenge to deter us from being successful in our work to deliver Republican victories across the State of Arizona. Going forward, we will continue to provide updates on any next steps in order to keep all members up to date and informed.

Thank you,
Dr. Kelli Ward
Republican Party of Arizona
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In Democrat leaning New Jersey, there were 158,632 ticket requests for the event. Of the thousands that attended the historic event, 10.4 percent didn’t vote in 2016 and 26.3 percent were Democrats.  People are starting to wake up.